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Christmas holidays are approaching fast. Everyone is beginning to plan for a great experience to spend the holidays with friends and family. For many, this is an opportunity to keep their minds off of work and the pressures that come along with it. What better way to enjoy your end-of-the-year holidays in Australia than to be treated to the best of Kiama accommodation?

Planning a perfect getaway is no easy task. Everyone in the family has to be consulted, a destination agreed on, dates among other things. Different members of the family find different activities fun and this can be a real headache when deciding where to go for the holidays.

Kiama accommodation offers a little bit of everything and it is a great place for everyone to have fun and enjoy. This travel destination is open for all kinds of people and is usually a favorite for vacationers all over the world.

Here are quick facts on why Kiama should be your preferred destination for this end of year vacation.

Kiama Accommodation

Location and History

Kiama is a holiday resort town located approximately 2 hours by car from Sydney. The town is popularly known as the “gateway of the south coast,” due to the fact that it is strategically located to all social amenities, attractions and sights available on the beautiful shoreline of the eastern coast of Australia.

Kiama is named after the world’s famous blowhole which is the town’s major attraction. The blowhole creates a loud sound and this is where the word Kiama was derived which in the local native language refers to a place where the Sea makes a noise.

The town was originally built in the late 19th century and was used to house quarry workers. Today, the town has been built with a mixture of history, heritage and the modern world, thus, the spectacular terrace built on a tree-shaded setting.

Kiama VillageKiama Hotel and Stay

Kiama is the best place to enjoy fresh air, sun and sand of the Australian beaches. Kiama accommodation is open for all people to enjoy; it does not matter whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, family outing or a solo vacation. You are guaranteed an exciting holiday here.

Visitors to Kiama can choose one of the following accommodation settings:

-      Motels

-      Bed & breakfast

-      Camping

-      Apartments

-      Harbor cabins

-      Holiday rentals

-      And Apartments

This gives a great opportunity for all people to get the best out of Kiama accommodation regardless of their budget allowances.

Persons with a limited budget can still get to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Kiama by using tips provided bellow;

1.   On a limited budget it is important that you look for appropriate accommodation that will not be too costly for you.

2.   Check for motels or bed & breakfast that are available from between $70 – $100 per night. You should note that most motels and bed & breakfast are found away from the beach while some are on the outskirts of town

3.   You can save up a lot of cash if you get accommodation in a camping site or caravan parks that are around Kiama town.

On the other hand, for those with no budget constraints, there are a lot of luxury hotels that provide excellent facilities and more conducive environment for relaxation.

If you are willing to spend more, you can choose from one of the following

A.   Harbor cabins – cabins are great to accommodate family or a group of friends on vacation. They are well equipped with all amenities including a kitchen where home cooked meal is served. Cabins are usually on the shorelines and give a perfect view of the sea where you could catch the spectacular sun rise or sun set. Harbor cabins in Kiama ranges from $200 to $320 per night.

B.   Apartments – like cabins, hotel apartments are fully furnished with all amenities available to guests. They can host a whole family in a home setting that creates a good holiday mood. They are relatively cheaper than cabins depending on the hotel ranking.

Cabins and apartment rentals are great for a longer vacation as opposed to a night in Kiama. They are also advisable for families or a group of vacationers as they can share facilities such as kitchen and laundry which will effectively cut costs and save up some money for other activities.

Kiama activities and attractions

There is so much to see and do in Kiama. You could go for deep sea fishing by renting a boat at the harbor. There is a variety of fish in the sea including marlin, yellow fin tuna and snapper. You might get lucky and have a big catch for dinner!

The Budderoo National Park offers the greatest nature experience. The Minnamurra Rain Forest is in this park and has amazing monumental waterfall that can be hiked to. There are also a variety of animal species including cute koalas that inhabit in the trees.

Bird watch is also a great activity that can be enjoyed courtesy of the Kiama accommodation. There are many bird species that fly across the Barren Grounds, a spectacular view for anyone interested in bird watching.

The Minnamurra River is a great place to float in a canoe, have a picnic on the shore or take a dip in the cool waters. You could also take a hike in the Saddleback Mountain Lookout and get to experience a panoramic view of the wildlife before you.


Kiama has great restaurants that serve both local delicacies and international treats as well. Among the famous eateries includes;

-      Seabreeze Dinning – has spectacular view of Kiama waters and serves mouth watering dishes. Great place to have lunch or have a romantic dinner

-      Red Rooster Kiama – they specialize in serving a variety of chicken meals

-      Hanoi on Manning – the only Vietnamese restaurant in Kiama

-      My Chocolate Shoppe – Is a specialist chocolate shop

-      Kiama Pie Shops – Serves award winning pies

With such a great hospitality in Kiama you could not wish to be anywhere in the world this Christmas holiday. Take up the challenge and plan a trip down the south coast of Australia and be one of the lucky people who enjoy Kiama Accommodation.

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